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Propagation (6)

15 Oct 2010

Maximizing PGR spray applications

Erik Runkle (Michigan State Univ.)

Learn about how to get the most out of spray applications of PGRs

Maximizing PGR spray applications (69 KB)

15 Oct 2010

Spray vs. Sprech vs. Drench

Erik Runkle (Michigan State Univ.)

A brief overview of the different methods of applying PGRs

Spray sprench drench (69 KB)

1 Oct 2010

Avoid GA Carryover

Erik Runkle (Michigan State Univ.)

Gibberellic acid (GA) can bind to concrete and be made available to the next crop, causing unintended consequencs. Read more...

Avoid GA carryover (87 KB)

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