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Propagation (9)

29 Aug 2019

Quantification of Poinsettia Root Growth by Image Scans or X-ray Computed Tomography Scans in Three Propagation Substrates at Varied Moisture Levels

Erin J. Yafuso, Paul R. Fisher, and Ana C. Bohórquez (University of Florida)

Refining protocols to quantify rooting of plant cuttings and the water/air microenvironment of substrates using x-ray computed tomography (CT). 

Quantification of Poinsettia Root Growth by Image Scans or Xray (2363 KB)

1 Oct 2018

Cutting Types Transplanting Strategies

Juan C. Vallejo, Paul R. Fisher and Alan W. Hodges

Research on the effect of callusing on production time and shrinkage and to help growers decide when its most profitable to use each cutting type.

GPN October CuttingTypesandTransplanting (1977 KB)

1 Oct 2018

How to Grow Superfoods in Containers: Ginger and Turmeric

Sofia Flores, Rosanna Freyre, and Paul Fisher (University of Florida)

How to grow tumeric and ginger.

Ginger and Tumeric Greenhouse Grower (3000 KB)

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