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Running Onsite Experiments (4)

19 Oct 2016

Poinsettia Trials at NC State

John M. Dole (North Carolina State University)

Research objectives:

To identify the most durable postharvest Poinsettia cultivars with (1) varied temperature (2) drought stress (3) irrigation and (4) varied light levels.

See the new updated NC State Poinsettia Portal website for cultivar search, and grower selection are some highlighted topics.

Poinsettia Postharvest (1910 KB)

18 Oct 2016

Clemson Research Update 2016

James E. Faust and Jeffrey Adelberg (Clemson University)

Clemson research update presents topics on petunia flower meltdown, grower experiences with CaCl2, photoperiodic flowering of poinsettia, please see the handout for the complete research topics covered.

A presentation by Dr. Adelberg on transitioning tissue cultured plants to the nursery.

Clemson research update 2016 (9211 KB)     From tissue culture to nursery production (7958 KB)

20 Nov 2015

FlowersOnTime: A Computer Decision-Support Tool for Floriculture Crop Producers

Paul Fisher (University of Florida), Erik Runkle (Michigan State University), Matthew Blanchard (Michigan State University), John Erwin (University of Minnesota), Bruce MacKay (thomasBaine Ltd.)

This computer decision-support tool quantifies how a change in greenhouse air temperature would affect flower timing for a range of floriculture species.

This information is helpful when growers are considering reducing greenhouse air temperature in order to save on heating fuel cost, or because they want to achieve a target flowering date by manipulating temperature.

FlowersOnTimeV14 (177 KB)

19 Sep 2012

How Wet is Wet? Watering Terminology

Will Healy, Ball Horticultural Company

An OFA article described the 1 to 5 moisture scale standards for peat based growing media.

Will Healy Watering Guide (124 KB)

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