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Media and nutrition (9)

1 Oct 2012

Survey of Tissue Nutrient Levels in Vegetative Cuttings

Kathryn M. Santos, Paul Fisher (University of Florida), and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

This survey summarizes the mean, minimum and maximum nutrient levels in different cuttings. 

Tissue nutrient levels in cuttings (148 KB)

19 Sep 2012

How Wet is Wet? Watering Terminology

Will Healy, Ball Horticultural Company

An OFA article described the 1 to 5 moisture scale standards for peat based growing media.

Will Healy Watering Guide (124 KB)

28 Aug 2012

Quality Control in Growing Media: Porosity for Plug and Liner Mixes

Jinsheng Huang, Paul Fisher (University of Florida), and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

This is the second in a series of OFA articles about substrate quality control procedures for testing porosity for young plant production.

PorosityCalculator (67 KB)     OFA Bulletin Substrate Porosity (425 KB)

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