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Lime (12)

29 Oct 2012

LimeR protocols and calculators

Jinsheng Huang and Paul Fisher (University of Florida), with contributions from William Argo (Blackmore Co.), and Paul Nelson (North Carolina State University).

The pdf file contains detailed laboratory procedures for the LimeR protocols and provides instructions to use the Excel files. Materials for conducting LimeR series tests are also provided.

Overall LimeR Model Oct 2012.xlsx

This Excel file combines the LimeR protocols and their underlying research and chemistry into a prototype Excel spreadsheet model called 'Overall LimeR Model'. Please refer to pages 32-37 in the 'LimeR Protocols.pdf' for details.

LimeR tests 1h.xls

This Excel file can be used for both LimeR Substrate Lime Requirement Test and LimeR Lime Reactivity Test. This Excel file contains 'Lime reactivity test' worksheet and 'Substrate lime requirement test' worksheet. For details, please refer to page 13 and page 17 in the 'LimeR Protocols.pdf'.

Residual Lime Calculator.xls

This Excel is to be used for the 'LimeR Residual Lime Calculator'. The Excel file contains 'System Calibration', 'Standard Curve' and 'Residual Lime Calculator' worksheets. Please refer to page 21 in the 'LimeR Protocols.pdf' for details.

Overall LimeR Model Oct2012.xlsx (226 KB) LimeR tests 1h (300 KB) Residual Lime Calculator (205 KB) LimeR Protocols (2243 KB)

29 Oct 2009

Modeling lime reaction in peat-based substrates

Paul Fisher and Jinsheng Huang (University of Florida) and Bill Argo (Blackmore Co.)

This scientific article was originally published in Acta Horticulturae 718:461-468.  This article presents insight view of a quantitative model to describe reaction of lime over time.

Modeling lime reaction scientific article (160 KB)

29 Oct 2009

Container Substrate-pH Response to Differing Limestone Type and Particle Size

Jinsheng Huang and Paul Fisher (University of Florida), and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

This scientific article was originally published in HortScience 42:1268-1273, 2007. The objective of this study was to develop reactivity indices to describe the pH response for liming materials incorporated into container substrates.

SubstratepHResponsetoLimestoneTypeandParticlesize (1172 KB)

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