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Lighting (38)

20 Oct 2023

USDA FNRI: A Closer Look at the Effect of White LEDs on Plant Performance

Jiyong Shin, Nathan Kelly, and Erik S. Runkle, Michigan State University

Evaluation of the influence of light at the same total intensity (photon flux density, or PFD) using three different types of white LEDs, combined with light from red LEDs, while keeping the blue PFD constant in kale and lettuce.

Runkle WhiteLEDStudy Article (900 KB)

20 Oct 2023

USDA FNRI: Lighting Plants Indoors, Without Sunlight

Erik Runkle, Michigan State University

An overview of some major considerations when developing an indoor lighting system for crop production.

Runkle LightingIndoors Article (1146 KB)

20 Oct 2023

USDA FNRI: Advancements in Horticultural Lighting

Erik Runkle, Michigan State University

Developments in LED technology and lighting control systems.

Runkle AdvancementsLighting Article (174 KB)

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