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Economics and Marketing (60)

20 Oct 2020

Texas A&M Economic Research Update

Charlie Hall, Texas A&M

Dr. Charlie Hall provides the green industry economic impacts, index of prices paid by growers, and the well-being benefits of plants.

Economic Contributions of the Green Industry in the United States in 2018 (723 KB) YMM Grower Index of Prices Paid 2019 (838 KB) Update of Literature Supporting Well-Being Benefits of Plants Part4 (98 KB)

10 Apr 2020

Consumer Preferences for Traditional, Neonicotinoid-free, Bee-friendly, or Biological Control Pest Management Practices on Floriculture Crops

Wollaeger, Heidi, Kristin Getter, and Bridget Behe

Consumers' perceptions and willingness to pay for non-neonicotinoid, bee-friendly, or biological control pest managements, 

Consumer preferences for neonic-free crops (1062 KB)

16 Jul 2019

Sit back or dig in: The role of activity level in landscape market segmentation

Knuth, Melinda (Texas A&M), Bridget Behem (Michigan State University), Charles Hall (Texas A&M), Patricia Huddleston (Michigan State University), and R. Fernandez (Michigan State University)

Study that assess the overall market for landscape plants using consumers’ activity level.

Sit Back or Dig In The Role of Activity Level in Landscape Market Segmentation (111 KB)

pdfYou will need Adobe's Reader to view this file. Download the reader for free from Adobe's web site

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