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Liner size and scheduling (2)

28 Oct 2009

Transplant Large Liners to Shorten Crop Time

Paul Fisher, Heather Warren and Luke Hydock (University of Florida)

Liners finish quickly after transplant when they already have a large shoot and root size. Rapid finishing time improves space use efficiency by allowing an additional crop turn (and extra revenue). Our research aimed to measure how much time would be saved for finished plant production when transplanting large or small liners.

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28 Oct 2009

What Is the Most Profitable Liner Size?

Paul Fisher, University of Florida

Should you purchase rooted cuttings in small, medium, or large liners to grow on in finished containers? Our research to address this question is based on calibrachoa liners produced by eight commercial growers and a research greenhouse in CO, MI, NH, and NJ as part of the Young Plant Research Center program.

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