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20 Oct 2023

USDA FNRI: Interactions of fertilizer and chemical sanitizing agents in water

Paul Fisher and G. Mohammad-Pour, University of Florida

Quantification of interactions between fertilizers and chemical sanitizing agents in nutrient solutions.

Fisher SanitizerInteractions Article (441 KB)

20 Oct 2023

USDA FNRI: Container substrate components are a potential source of micronutrients for plant growth

Amy Bestic-Pennings, University of New Hampshire, Paul Fisher, University of Florida, and Jean Malcolm-McDonald, University of Alberta

Quantification of the extractable micronutrient levels from container substrate components and limestone and their potential contribution as fertilizer sources for crop growth.

Fisher ContainerSubstrateMicronutrients Article (1467 KB)

20 Oct 2023

USDA FNRI: Effects of Cold Plasma and OzoneWater Treatment on Micronutrient Solubility

Dharti Thakulla and Paul Fisher, University of Florida

Evaluation of the effects of cold plasma and ozone treatment on oxidation of iron and manganese in nutrient solutions containing one of four iron chelates.

Fisher ColdplasmaOzone Article (2615 KB)

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