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Media and nutrition (84)

1 Oct 2019

Seeing Inside Your Container Media

Paul Fisher, Erin Yafuso and Ana Bohorquez (University of Florida)

A lokk into the physcial properties of substrates and how it effects rooting.

SeeingInsideYourContainerMedia GPN 1019 (3099 KB)

29 Jul 2019

Water and Air Relations in Propagation Substrates

Erin J. Yafuso, Paul R. Fisher, Ana C. Bohorquez (University of Florida), and James E. Altland (USDA-ARS)

The objective of this study was to quantify and compare substrate water and air relations for three propagation substrates

Water and Air Relations in Propagation Substrates Published MS (935 KB)

6 Jul 2017

Quantifying the Acidic and Basic Effects of Fifteen Floriculture Species Grown in Peat-based Substrate

Ryan W. Dickson (University of New Hampshire), Paul R. Fisher (University of Florida), and William R. Argo (The Blackmore Company)

The objective was to quantify effects of floriculture plant species on substrate-pH.

Ryan Dickson 15 species pH effects (607 KB)

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