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Media and nutrition (81)

1 Oct 2019

Seeing Inside Your Container Media

Paul Fisher, Erin Yafuso and Ana Bohorquez (University of Florida)

A lokk into the physcial properties of substrates and how it effects rooting.

SeeingInsideYourContainerMedia GPN 1019 (3099 KB)

29 Jul 2019

Water and Air Relations in Propagation Substrates

Erin J. Yafuso, Paul R. Fisher, Ana C. Bohorquez (University of Florida), and James E. Altland (USDA-ARS)

The objective of this study was to quantify and compare substrate water and air relations for three propagation substrates

Water and Air Relations in Propagation Substrates Published MS (935 KB)

6 Jul 2017

Quantifying the Acidic and Basic Effects of Fifteen Floriculture Species Grown in Peat-based Substrate

Ryan W. Dickson (University of New Hampshire), Paul R. Fisher (University of Florida), and William R. Argo (The Blackmore Company)

The objective was to quantify effects of floriculture plant species on substrate-pH.

Ryan Dickson 15 species pH effects (607 KB)

1 Dec 2016

Evaluating Calibrachoa (Calibrachoa 3hybridaCerv.)GenotypeSensitivityto Iron Deficiency at High Substrate pH

Ryan W. Dickson (Univeristy of New Hampshire), Paul R. Fisher (University of Florida), Sonali R. Padhye (PanAmerican Seed), and William R. Argo (Blackmore Company)

Comparing genotypes of iron-inefficient calibrachoa in terms of their susceptibility to showing iron deficiency symptoms when grown at high vs. low substrate pH.

Dickson calibrachoa (942 KB)

1 Apr 2016

Strategies to Provide Fertilizer for Both Production and Consumer Phases of Petunia

Sueyde F. de Oliveira (University of Sao Paulo), Paul R. Fisher (University of Florida), Jinsheng Huang (University of Florida), and Simone da C. Mello (University of Sao Paulo)

Comparing water-soluble fertilizers (WSF) and controlled-release fertilizers (CRF) to provide adequate nutrition during both production and consumer phases.

HortTech published CRF manuscript (1191 KB)

1 Mar 2015

1 to 5 Moisture Scale: New bilingual videos and fact sheets to help your watering crew

Paul Fisher, Jinsheng Huang, Rosanna Freyre, and Ryan Dickson, University of Florida IFAS Extension

Learning when to water plants at the correct media moisture level.

1 to 5 moisture scale (594 KB)

1 Jan 2015

Soil testing fact sheets to access on the go.

Paul Fisher, Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Florida IFAS, andBill Argo, Technical Manager, Blackmore Co.

How to use to test pH and EC in substrate to improve plant health.

Soil testing fact sheets for use in the greenhouse (514 KB)

1 Dec 2014

Calculating parts per million – new online tools in Back Pocket Grower

Paul Fisher, University of Florida IFAS Extension, and Bruce MacKay, thomasBaine Ltd

How to calculate Parts Per Million (ppm) of fertilizer solutions in .

ppm calculators (614 KB)

1 Aug 2014

Validation of a Fertilizer Potential Acidity Model to Predict the Effects of Water-soluble Fertilizer on Substrate pH

Paul R. Fisher (Univeristy of Florida), William R. Argo (Blackmore Company), John A. Biernbaum (Michigan State Univeristy)

Two experiments conducted to validate a ‘‘Nitrogen Calcium Carbonate Equivalence (CCE)’’ model  that predicts potential fertilizer basicity or acidity based on nitrogen (N) form and concentration for floriculture crops grown with water-soluble fertilizer in containers with minimal leaching.

Validation of fertilizer acidity model published (241 KB)

1 Jul 2014

Advanced pH Management: Match the nitrogen ratio in fertilizer to your water alkalinity and crop species

Paul Fisher and Ryan Dickson, University of Florida IFAS Extension,Bill Argo, Blackmore Company, andBruce MacKay, thomasBaine Ltd.

How to use to help with pH managment.

Advanced pH Management article final (674 KB)

1 Jun 2014

Effect of Solution Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Pre-Plant Nutrient Form on the pH of a Peat-Perlite Substrate

P.R. Fisher, R.W. Dickson, G.S. Mohammad-Pour and J. Huang (University of Florida)

The effect EC has on substrate pH and how it affects plant nutriention.

Acta Hort Fisher et al EC and pH (433 KB)

1 Oct 2013

Ammonium in Nutrient Solutions Decreases Free Chlorine Concentration from Sodium Hypochlorite

Dustin P. Meador and Paul R. Fisher (University of Florida)

Quantifying the effect of water-soluble fertilizers on concentration of free chlorine level in a sodium hypochlorite solution.

Published HortSci Chlorine-chloramine article (469 KB)

1 Oct 2012

Survey of Tissue Nutrient Levels in Vegetative Cuttings

Kathryn M. Santos, Paul Fisher (University of Florida), and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

This survey summarizes the mean, minimum and maximum nutrient levels in different cuttings. 

Tissue nutrient levels in cuttings (148 KB)

19 Sep 2012

How Wet is Wet? Watering Terminology

Will Healy, Ball Horticultural Company

An OFA article described the 1 to 5 moisture scale standards for peat based growing media.

Will Healy Watering Guide (124 KB)

28 Aug 2012

Quality Control in Growing Media: Porosity for Plug and Liner Mixes

Jinsheng Huang, Paul Fisher (University of Florida), and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

This is the second in a series of OFA articles about substrate quality control procedures for testing porosity for young plant production.

PorosityCalculator (67 KB)     OFA Bulletin Substrate Porosity (425 KB)

20 Aug 2012

Media Quality Control for Young Plant Growers: Substrate Particle Size

Jinsheng Huang, Paul Fisher (University of Florida), and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

This is the first in a series of OFA articles about media quality control procedures for young plant production.

ParticleSizeCalculator (46 KB)     OFA Bulletin Substrate Particle Size (499 KB)

3 Nov 2009

Quantifying the acidity and basicity of fertilizers in container substrates

Connie Johnson and Paul Fisher (University of Florida), Rick Vetanovetz (SunGro Horticulture), and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

This flash video presents an overview of quantifying the acidity and basicity of fertilizers in container substrates.

fertilizer acidity and basicity

3 Nov 2009

Silicon drench to reduce Botrytis

Losenge Turoop, Jim Faust (Clemson University)

Supplementing macronutrient nutrition with calcium and potassium silicate to control Botrytis in Poinsettia stock plants.

silicon Botrytis (679 KB)

27 Oct 2009

Selecting propagation media for rooted liners

Paul Fisher, Jinsheng Huang (University of Florida) and Bill Argo (Blackmore Company)

With so many media options on the market, how can you decide which to use for propagating cuttings?

Selecting propagation media (377 KB)

27 Oct 2009

Managing the pH of container media

Paul Fisher, University of Florida

An overview for pH management in container media.

pH management overview (272 KB)

27 Oct 2009

“Iron-Out”: A nutritional program for geraniums and other crops prone to iron and manganese toxicity at low media-pH

Paul Fisher, University of Florida

"Iron-Out" is a nutrition management program designed to prevent iron and manganese toxicity in seed and zonal geraniums, marigolds, lisianthus, and any other container-grown crop that is efficient at taking up iron and manganese. The Iron-Out program is based on pre-season preparation, regular monitoring, and rapid response to low media-pH or toxicity symptoms.

Iron Out nutrition program for iron efficient crops (255 KB)

Overview of New Quality Control Procedures in Container Growing Substrates for Young Plant Production

J. Huang and P.R. Fisher (University of Florida)

Developing quality control procedures for propagation substrates for young plant production of seedling plugs and vegetative cuttings

ActaHort Huang and Fisher (101 KB)

Evaluation of Container Grown Blueberry Cultivars and the Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Fruit Set and Fruit Quality

Victor A. Zayas and Paul R. Fisher (University of Florida)

Evaluation of the preformance of several blueberry cultivars as container ornimentla plants and the potential for use of gibberellic acid on fruit set and quality.

Ammonium-nitrate ratio and cation/anion uptake affect the acidity or basicity of floriculture species

R.Dickson (University of New Hampshire) and P.R.Fisher (University of Florida)

Evaluation whether cation:anion uptake was related to solution acidity and basicity.

Dickson and Fisher 2017 (768 KB)

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