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Postharvest (31)

20 Oct 2010

Diurnal carbohydrate dynamics affect postharvest ethylene responsiveness in portulaca (Portulaca grandiflora ‘Yubi Deep Rose’) unrooted cuttings

Vijay K. Rapaka and James E. Faust (Clemson University), John M. Dole (North Carolina State University), Erik Runkle (Michigan State University)

Portulaca harvest PBT (419 KB)

18 Oct 2010

Ethylene Sensitivity of Unrooted Cuttings from 28 Genera and Effectiveness of 1-MCP to Prevent Ethylene Damage

W. Roland Leatherwood and John Dole (North Carolina State University),J. Faust (Clemson University)

The objectives for the project were to determine: (1) species that are sensitive to external ethylene, (2) document the effects of ethylene on unrooted cuttings, and (3) evaluate the effectiveness of 1-MCP in preventing ethylene damage.

AFE Special Report Ethylene final (142 KB)

18 Oct 2010

Modified Atmosphere Use in Extending Unrooted Cutting Quality and Viability

W. Roland Leatherwood and John Dole (NC State University),Jim Faust (Clemson University)

Modified atmosphere (MA) storage is an adjustment in atmospheric gas composition so cuttings can be stored for several days without effects.MA has been used to study postharvest respiration, and to extend the shelf life of a broad category of produce.

AFE Special Report MAP final2 (113 KB)

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